13 Jan 2010

Planning: Iron Hands (non-Morlocks)

Hope you're all well on this fine winter day. With the weather the way it (still) is, we're (still) getting barely any post in at work - which means I've been sitting here, fiddling with army lists and planning my future projects. I may even get round to completing some of them...

Sadly, there's not much hope of a camera coming on a permanent basis any time soon - new TV trumps it. I'll try and have the other half bring her camera down at the start of february - she'll be staying for the week, so expect plenty of juicy piccies around about then... You'll just have to make do with my random maundering until then.

So I got all my currently-constructed and half-painted Iron Hands out the other day and did the whole "laying out" on the table thing (pictures available here). I realised that the squads don't really mesh together very well - some are running, some are shooting, etc... all within the same squads. So I started reassigning them to take advantage of their various poses. Add in all the spare space marines I've scavenged from my older armies, and I suddenly had 100+ of the blighters all lined up...

The plan is to take a squad at a time, between my other projects, and get them done completely before moving on. There is no hurry, as I have the Morlocks to game with in the meantime anyway (not that I get that many games in anyway... I should probably add that to the "Intentions"...).

So from this reshuffling, I ended up with a 2000pt planned list - with a few planned conversions to keep things fresh. This will act as the basic force, to which I can add whatever strikes my fancy. Here's a short summary:

Captain w/relic blade, combi weaon
Command Squad(5) w/ Thunder Hammer, Lightning Claws, Champion, Power Fist
in a Razorback w/T-L Assault Cannon

Iron Father (MoF) w/ Power Weapon
Sternguard squad(5) w/Power Fist, 3 Combi-Meltas, Heavy Flamer
in a Razorback w/ Lascannon and T-L Plasma gun

3 Tactical squads(10) in Rhinos

2 Assault Squads(10) in Rhinos

With the added options (which I left out for brevity), this list comes to exactly 2000pts. It's funny, I prefer to take a more expensive combi-weapon rather than a boltgun, just so I end up with an even number at the end of the process...

I'm hoping to use Chapterhouse Studios upcoming MkI Rhino conversion kit for the transports - depending on what the kit looks like, and whether they ever get round to sticking the thing on their website... Grr...

Alternatively, I'll probably have to break out the plasticard...

The razorbacks will be represented by old-style predator conversions. The ones with the thinner turrets that are mounted forward on the tank. Part of the Predator back story mentions that during the Great Crusade, it had a small transport capacity which was eventually substituted for more ammo.

I left special weapons off the assault squads because flamers reduce the number of attacks you put out (especially when the squad starts to get whittled down) and the lack of jump packs means they don't have the mobility I would want for a horde-thinner unit. The plasma pistols are just too damn expensive. The sergeants do have specia CC weapons though.

I have to say, I'm not used to using Rhinos. The idea of getting out of a transport and just sitting in front of someone - especially orks - just begging to be assaulted is a bit nerve-wracking, but I'm hoping that an anvil-and-hammer approach to this will work (fingers crossed!).

When I find time to scratch some cheap drop pods, I should be able to switch out the Rhinos and end up with a drop-pod army (though I'm not particularly sure how effective that would be...).

So what do you think? Any suggestions on potential weaknesses that I need to look out for?

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