25 Jan 2010

Going on Campaign

This has nothing to do with Col. Corbane's Going on Campaign blog (though it's a great site for reference material and advice, you should have a gander if you get the time), but a Planetary Empires campaign that will be taking place at the club I attend, starting 4th February. We'll have about fifteen players and it's looking to be a two-month/eight-game campaign with the one who has the most territories.

I thought I'd post up the rules ahriman sent me (he's organising it) in a preliminary format and see what you guys think of it.

FEB-MAR 40K Campaign

Welcome to the Barming Wargames Club’s 2010 campaign.

Enclosed you will find the general guidelines for selecting an army and aiming it towards Glory!

All official Army Codices are accepted for use, as well as additional rules for units from the Imperial Armour books.

The official Start Date of the Campaign is Thursday 4th Feb.

Before then it is advised that you agree who you will be facing off against for both week one and two.

In fact planning two weeks ahead will give you, the player, a much better chance to plan your list and deliver to your opponent a swift kicking… on the battlefield..

Contacts for all members of the Campaign will be provided – so please keep the list safe.


Games should be set at a 2,000pt limit

The Planetary Empires Campaign Rules are all in full affect, this means that all players will be randomly allocated _ tiles at the beginning of the campaign, and your main objective will be to create a stranglehold on the surrounding territories.

The Winner will be the player with the most Territory or in case of a draw, the Highest Win-Loss%

What type of mission you play is left totally up to you and your opponent to agree: i.e. planet strike, cityfight etc. can all feasibly be done- The Campaign will be deliberately left open for you and your opponent to choose what sort of game you wish to play.


To add some Historical Value to your games there is a special rule concerning the use of all Special Characters:

You are free to use them in your games, however should you accidentally (or deliberately) get Him/Her killed then you cannot use them for the rest of the Campaign. (The only possible exception would be Lucius the Eternal).

However, as this ruling may turn out to have a negative effect on the armies players are able to field, the restrictions for things such as Chapter Tactics and Special Rules Concerning Force Organisation Modifiers are lifted. So for example if you were planning on taking a Salamanders Army, and you accidently got Mr. He’Stan killed last week, fear not as you can take a normal HQ choice and still receive the bonuses he provides in his Special Rules for Chapter Tactics.

(In case of any questions/confusion speak to the GM)

I'm very glad for that last rule concerning special characters, as I'll be using a Wolfwing list for this... I'm going to propose that Special Characters that were taken out of action during a game receive a 4+ roll to see if they survive their injuries and return to battle (maybe missing a game). I think this reasonable as removing a model from the board is not necessarily indicative of someone dying, just being out of the battle for the 10-20 minute duration the average game represents. (If you're reading this ahriman, and I haven't sent you the e-mail, I probably forgot... :D).

I'm also not sure on the win-loss % as a tie-breaker, due to the low(ish) number of games meaning that if you miss a week or two, you could be seriously handicapped/advantaged depending on the situation (as each game will count for quite a high percentage).

Any thoughts guys?

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