8 Dec 2009

Helghast Planning: Storm Troopers

It's been a while since I had a look at my Helghast-based guys - mainly due to the fact that my collection has been stuck round my mate's for the past few months...

This is just a quick one really. I had originally intended for the Storm Troopers to be based on Pig Iron's heavy infantry models with the Inner Guard heads. But now they've brought out a new boxset:

They're perfect for the look - I'm going to test out a "chipped" black armour highlighting method that Rev from Warseer has used to great effect. These will kind of be test minis for my final Iron Hands colour scheme, strange as that sounds.

However, I'm not sure whether to keep the standard heads or switch them for Inner Guard heads:
I'm thinking I'll hold off on adding the heads until then end of the month and order some inner guard heads anyway just to see what they're like. Any opinions on which I should use?

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