14 Nov 2009

Does My Blog Look Big In This?

Well, that was fun... As you may have noticed, I've changed Blog templates, and after lots of "insert address here", I got the menu bar at the top working, as well as the feedburner e-mail signup in the top-right. Not sure what those RSS "Full Posts" and "Comments" buttons do - they just bring up a load of HTML gibberish for me, so I think I'll leave them well alone... (If you'd care to give me a brief explanation, fire away. Just don't hurt my head too much. :D)

I'm also on Twitter now, so if you're on there and actively use the thing, "Friend" me or whatever so I can see what you're up to... :D Maybe I'll stick something up there from time to time if it isn't worth a whole blog post...

If for some reasons you want to talk and the comments don't cut it, there's also a button up there for my googlemail address - I'll try and wade through the spam and find you.

Any comments, criticisms? I can't see myself changing template again for a while, but if people really don't like it, it may speed the process along a bit.

Anywho, cheers chaps, good night!

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