8 Sept 2009

HELP NEEDED: What camera should I buy?

Good afternoon everyone,
I have a slight dilemna. Due to life circumstances, I will soon be losing the use of a digital camera. This, of course, is unacceptable - you would all be deprived from bathing in the magnificence of my amazing miniature projects... :P
So, I need to look at buying a new camera, have a look around the web, and come out of that experience more confused than when I went in - all those model numbers and ridiculous tech spec lists translate as one great big "meh", to me... So I thought I'd ask my fellow bloggers for some advice.
I only have two criteria:
1. It should take good photos of minis (duh)
2. It should preferably be mains chargeable (a li-ion battery?)
Oh, and of course, the price shouldn't be ridiculous... But that's a given really - I spend enough on plastic crack.
So what cameras do you guys use? Are you happy with them? What have you heard good things about? Any advice or opinions are more than welcome!
Thanks in advance!

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