29 Sept 2009

A Battle Report That Should Be Read

Afternoon all,

Thought I'd do a bit of cross-blog advertisement. Suneokun posted his report "Down To The Wire" before the weekend. I don't usually read battle reports - I must have stumbled upon too many "dry" ones over time... This one, however, is very entertaining and a lot of effort was put in to include a clear, labelled, map of the action on a turn-by-turn basis. He even made an animated version of the maps so they circulate one after the other. It really does set a good standard for what battle reports should look like.

So if you've got ten minutes, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

28 Sept 2009

Morlockwing Pt12: Strips for the Strip God!

Shock Horror! I came through on a promise for pictures! I think I need to see a doctor...

So, as you may have guessed by the title, I've spent most of my night on these:

That's 50 (well 45, one set is already on a model) lengths of leather straps and 50 buckle-things to go on their ends. That took me through an entire episode of Dice Like Thunder. My arms aches...

I cleaned up the Pro-Create on one of the models and not much else yet, but I thought I'd stick the pictures up before I lose the will to live, so here you go:

2nd Squad:


3rd Squad:



So now I've delivered the eye-candy, I'm going to go do some laundry, then get cleaning the rest of the putty and have a look at those storm bolter barrels. Catch you later!

Small Update

Morning guys,

Thought I'd give you a quick update on where I'm at.

I ordered the terminator heads and they arrived on saturday. Promptly found one of the missing ones this morning... typical.

Also ordered some Army Painter Platemail Primer from Wayland Games. I'm hoping this will speed up the process of getting these guys painted considerably. I'll try it out on some Grey Knights I have knocking about first. If it fails, I'll just strip them a second time... Has anyone else had experience with these sprays? Any pitfalls I should look out for?

Finally also grabbed a bunch of the assorted microstrip packets from Antenociti's Workshop, which will allow me to finish up the leather straps, though I'll probably have to wait a while for them - the local sorting office is striking tomorrow and already today's post is disrupted... Go figure. [They arrived while I was typing this post, so I'll be getting on with those tonight as well...]

Having finished chest and leg details for the two squads, I got some putty work done this morning, which should have cured once I get back from work and so be ready for the files/knife. I'm picking up some vaseline at lunchtime so I can get to work making some rivets using Ithmaril's Method.

I'm hoping to be able to give you all daily-ish updates this week as there is going to be significantly less distraction going on this week. I'll get some pictures up tonight fo you all.


22 Sept 2009

Morlockwing Pt11: Oodles of piccies.

Morning all,

Finally regained control of my finances after a bit of fun with the fraud department at my bank, so I have a bit of a pic-heavy post here for you. It's a bit early for thoughts that are too coherent right now, so I'll get straight to the piccies and stick any comments that occur to me as I go along... :-)

First we have some better pictures of the squad that won me the squad competition over at The Great Crusade. It was a great competition with some really nice entries, especially   Pacific's World Eater Assault Squad and BIGWILL's Sons of Horus Squad led by Little Horus Aximand. I would like to thank anyone who took the time to vote in it. On to the pictures:


The power weapons were painted with asurmen blue over boltgun, but now I'm going to change them to follow Ron's Method of Space-Hulk style power weapons.


As you can see, a lot of stuff needs going over, it's painfully obvious this was a bit of a rush job... *blushes*





The next one isn't a very good picture, but I liked the effect. If I had some properly painted terrain (or photoshop skills) I could probably make it quite cool.



So that was the first squad, now for some piccies of my current progress with the next two squads:


All ten termies together. It's amazing how much space they take up on the table... Not a very well focused pic - I think you can see my DVDs better than the termies... Ho hum.


These two will be power weapon wielders, though if I'm using Tempus Fugitive Rules, they would be Primarch Honour Guard (Relic-Blade-wielding-nutters).



Two Chainfists. Converted on to have a more dynamic pose and had to use one of my old Termi heads (from the previous plastics) for the other one because heads like to run away and hide under the sofa with me...


More Claws. I'm keeping the winged skull on the right-hand guy as some kind of honour for valour or whatnot.


Two standard power fist/storm bolter guys. The power fist has since been cleaned up (it comes from a AOBR terminator).


And finally two Reapers. As you can see, they have the runaway head problem as well - I lost them within five minutes of each other...

So, I have some minor putty work and general cleaning up to be done on some of them, then I need to add plasticard detailing, the straps and shoulder plates/collars. I can't do the straps at the moment due to my running out of Microstrips of the right size (I'll be getting some more next week, when I get paid) so I'm doing some detailing now, while waiting for PVA glue to dry...

Oh, also, I finally received the rest of the army (two new termi boxes and two chaos lords) as well as my order from Dragonforge (you may be able to spy them in the background of the first group shot - they're in better focus than the models...). If not:


I have to say I don't have much love for the Royal Mail employees who are striking at the moment - every year that they do this, I lose half of my bonus because the company's income gets crippled and we don't achieve budget targets... /rant

Anyhow, yes, got my order from Dragonforge, and boy am I impressed. I'll stick a review up once I've painted them. In the meantime, you could say they are thoroughly recommended!

Oh, and you may have noticed a progress chart at the top of the main column, tracking how much of the army has been done. I think it's pretty self-explanatory and looks ok on my laptop - though my work computer doesn't seem to like it much (XP, I presume).

So I'll be off to get ready for work now. Catch you all later!

8 Sept 2009

HELP NEEDED: What camera should I buy?

Good afternoon everyone,
I have a slight dilemna. Due to life circumstances, I will soon be losing the use of a digital camera. This, of course, is unacceptable - you would all be deprived from bathing in the magnificence of my amazing miniature projects... :P
So, I need to look at buying a new camera, have a look around the web, and come out of that experience more confused than when I went in - all those model numbers and ridiculous tech spec lists translate as one great big "meh", to me... So I thought I'd ask my fellow bloggers for some advice.
I only have two criteria:
1. It should take good photos of minis (duh)
2. It should preferably be mains chargeable (a li-ion battery?)
Oh, and of course, the price shouldn't be ridiculous... But that's a given really - I spend enough on plastic crack.
So what cameras do you guys use? Are you happy with them? What have you heard good things about? Any advice or opinions are more than welcome!
Thanks in advance!

6 Sept 2009

Morlockwing Pt10: By The Skin Of My Teeth

Thanks for the encouragement guys!

Well I did it, just about. I'm not quite happy with them yet, so wouldn't call them actually complete (especially considering they're on stand-in bases at the moment), and they have some more painting to go. What I'm most unhappy about is my camera - it died after I took three photos... Not impressed!

Well, here they are:


5 Sept 2009

Morlockwing Pt9: Last Minute Update

Evening All,

I've now called a stop (almost) to the modelling stage for this squad, else I'll just keep going. They just need to have their procreate trimmed, be primed then painted - something I need to have done by tomorrow night to enter TGCs contest. Should be fun.

So the plan is to sit down after Jim Beam Teryaki sauce-marinated drummers, stick on the third Lord of the Rings and have at it. I've never had such a tight deadline before. Theoretically, I should have had these guys primed by Thursday and have been well on my way to finishing them by now, but real life got in the way, as it often does, so it's going to have to be "on the bounce", not my usual procrastinating style of painting.

So I'll leave you with some pictures, and get to work...

Oh, the bases are temporary. I knocked them up quickly last night using a tutorial on Bolter & Chainsword, then magnetised them. I'll stick down Mr Promethium and Mr Versatile for the final photos as the magnets make them a bit wonky...