18 Aug 2009

Pre-Heresy Terminator Shoulder Pad Template

Right, I have a little modelling aid for everyone here, it's a set of templates for Pre-Heresy Terminator Shoulder Pads for those doing PH armies, or who just like the style. These are mainly for use with Ron's Pre-Heresy Terminator Shoulderpads Tutorial, but could also be used with plasticard (preferably thin stuff, easier to bend and all).

You can download the JPEG directly here.

This is an updated version with labels, a scale bar and 21 sets of templates. It shouldn't require resizing as long as the application you use isn't stretching it to fit a page or whatnot. As an extra reference, the base of the collar template should be 16mm wide. I've left the previous version at the bottom for reference. Enjoy!

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