17 Aug 2009

Plans afoot!

Heh, been a while, guys (and gals)!

After some upheaval in my personal life, I'm back at it - but not with the Helghast at the moment. I know I said I wouldn't do this... but I've been distracted. Thankfully, it's back to an army I already do, so I can justify it. Almost :D

The Great Crusade has announced it's first official event, The Compliance of Gedren Prime, which is surprisingly not too far from me, in Aldershot, hosted by The Games Shop. It's a weekend event, with a cool three-part story-campaign set during The Great Crusade, as well as a painting competition and a Pub Quiz. The games are 500pt, 1000pt and 1500pt, so I'll need a 1500pt army to take along to this event.

I chose the Morlocks, Ferrus Manus' elite terminator-armoured calm-downs. The great things about these guys are that there are only 27 of them in a 1500pt army and they are all (apart from Gabriel Santar) going to be in metallic colours ("unpainted iron"). Considering I've painted fifty models over the last few months, 27 should not be such a problem.

Following a small back-and-forth with Paul Wu on his blog, concerning army lists and motivation (in this post), I decided to put it into practice with this project. Here's a summary:

Master of Sanctity

Deathwing Squad - Heavy Flamer, Standard.
Deathwing Squad - Assault Cannon
Deathwing Squad - Assault Cannon
Deathwing Squad - Cyclone
Deathwing Squad - Cyclone

Thanks to my "recycling" (read snapping apart) of my Black Templar terminators (1 Tactical, 2 Assault), I only have to buy two tactical termi squads, a couple of reaper autocannons and a chaos lord in termi armour to complete the army. With a nice discount from Wayland Games, this army will be of minimal investment (I got the 2 assault squads for half-price when my friend was working at Hobbycraft during a 25% off week. Good times...).

I'll be using Ron's method of making PH shoulderpads, though I'be made my own templates. I've just printed them out at work, so will go home, see if they are the same size, then if so, post it up in JPEG format for all to enjoy.

I also want to bulk out the grieves, but am still not sure whether to do it like Ron's Counts-as Belial, use thin plasticard, existing components (3rd and 5th image down) or tubing of some sort... Any suggestions?

Progress so far has been the removal of purity seals and sculpted ornamentation of the 10 pairs of legs and torsos I have with me, as well as preparation of the termi heads, insertion of magnets into the torsos and a few of the pairs of arms, with gaping holes in the rest of the sets waiting to be filled.

I'll try and get some pics up tonight. If not, tomorrow.