30 Aug 2009

Morlockwing Pt8: Reference Pictures and Santar Helmet Mockup

I thought I'd post up some of the pictures that I'm using as inspiration for the Morlockwing. They're from the Horis Heresy: Collected Visions artbook. It's a fantastic resource for any 40k modeller - whether they're into Pre-Heresy stuff or not. I (unfortunately, in retrospect) picked these up as they came out in four separate sections. These pictures are from Vol III and represent about half of all the Iron Hands pictures in the book [/grumble].

For the fluff fanatics, these pictures (and their sometimes erroneous labels) should serve as inspiration, not concrete canon.

This picture is of Morlock Terminator Squad. This was taken by Graham McNeill and fleshed out into Ferrus Manus' bodyguard corps in the book Fulgrim. While he changed their colour scheme to "unpainted iron", this picture is one of the best Cataphracti (prototype) pictures in the books.

That picture had glare in it so I took another one in the dark:

This next one is the better of two IH dreadnought pictures in the book, and again, one of the best dreadnought pictures in the books (I've posted two of them because I couldn't decide which one was less bad...):

Finally, we have "Santar - Ferrus Manus' Bodyguard" which shows a very early versions of the terminator armour we know and love today. McNeill turned this into Gabriel Santar, First Captain of the Iron Hands, Equerry to Ferrus Manus. I thought I'd take the helmet design and use it on my "counts-as Belial", though I will be using the same cataphracti pattern for the rest of his armour. I want to include what looks like three floodlights into the model as well. I'll be using the Chaos Lord's lightning claws for his armament.

I made a couple of modifications to the standard terminator helmet and came up with this:

I just balanced it in a blank terminator torso to photograph it due to the inherent fail in the cameras focusing abilities... It still needs some serious smoothing and the addition of details to the faceplate. I'm also going to procreate the area where I removed the vents on the top of the helmet to give it a more rounded appearance.

In other news, I had been meaning to get the rest of the squad's shoulderpads done today, but it turns out that, during a massive clean-up of my front room, the templates went missing... I miss my organised chaos... So for the moment, I'll be working on the shoulder straps and magnetising some more arms. I'm going to have to up the pace though - I only have a week until these guys are due in for the competition...

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