25 Aug 2009

Morlockwing Pt5: 3 Layers = FAIL

Morning all,

Didn't have much time for hobby last night (and probably won't tonight either), but I did manage to cut out one set of templates and have a go at bending them... I'm just glad I only cut out one set. Turns out I used too many layers (I used two for the trim and one for the base of the pads). When I did bend them, it turned into an absolute mess. Ah well, you live and learn... While the pads did look nice and chunky, it would have taken a massive amount of puttying to make them presentable.

So this morning, I quickly drew out a new set, with only one layer for trim and stuck them on the single base layer. Hopefully, they'll be dry enough by tonight for me to try again... If the pads need extra bulk, I'll just use putty to give that impression. I also intend to bend the two plates individually before sticking them together - this will hopefully cause less damage to the top plate's front and rear tabs.

Another thing to remember when working with these templates is to make sure there is a full two layers of card underneath the top plate for the vast majority of it's length - my ones last night bent downwards at the end...

So what projects have sent any of you guys back to the drawing board over and over again? Any good tips for avoiding these problems?

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