20 Aug 2009

Morlockwing Pt2: WIP Torsos and Legs

A Picture?! Surely not!

Evening guys, just a quick post to show off the torsos and legs I've been working on. Having managed to pull/cut/pry the models apart, I set about filing down most of the decorative detail on these guys and have started more Iron Hands-ish details. Bear in mind that these are still very WIP.

The ones with cables are awaiting procreate to blend them into the torsos, which I'll do when I start putting more magnets in, and the ones with plasticard details will have them trimmed down, filed, dowsed with acetate-diluted Squadron Green Putty then filed down some more until they look presentable.

The legs have had their abdominal cables added by cutting away the fron part of the ball joint connecting them to the torsos, drilling some holes, then inserting the cables with some superglue, tilted whichever way I want the torso to be facing. I'm hoping this will help to "merge" the top and bottom half.

Catch you later!

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