3 Aug 2009

I'm back!

Afternoon all,

After a week off from work - which turned into a week away from just about everything, I have returned to my cubicle and will be trying to catch up with what's been going on for the past week...

I had that game on Monday. As predicted, I got there at 4pm and we started Turn 1 at 8.30pm... Nine and a half hours later and we were on my Turn 5 (I went second) and it was time for Kev to get to work (he should have been slated for 1pm but they changed his shifts recently). But not to fear - we left everything as-is (the joy of having his own gaming room) and will be finishing the game one evening this week... I think this is a procrastination record for us.

In the end, he was playing a cult of speed-themed army so had two squads of nobs in battlewagons, one of which had the warboss accompanying them, backed up by a full squad of lootas to be used as meatshields for the Shokk Attack Gun-armed Mek, a tank-specced battlewagon (so much for a bunch of flimsily-armoured vehicles...), two trukk-boy squads a gunwagon, a deffdred (troops choice) and three killa kanz. He ended up leaving out any special characters (I was expecting sneaky-guy and pirate-boy...), as did I.

It was(is) a Spearhead, 5-objective game. I didn't want to put anything down on the table to start with but apparently had to, so stuck the infantry platoon on foot and the company command squad down as sacrificial lambs while retaining the rest of my force in reserve (though the ironclad and one of the tacticals came down on turn 1 due to the dp assault rules). The ironclad proceeded to rip all but one of a battlewagon's weapons off before getting immobilised and sitting there, useless for the rest of the game (ho hum), but the tacticals did much better with their meltagun - causing the other battlewagon to blow up nicely. They cheered for a second before they realised what the battlewagon had been carrying...

A squadron of sneaky deffkoptas were responsible for the demise of my company command squad (they were outflanking). I spent the first three turns of the game playing with about 1200pts of my force - nobody else wanted to come on. Thankfully, last turn, everyone decided to turn up.

We came up with a "dispute" (in the loosest of terms) during the turn in which the other half of my army turned up. It turns out that my scratch-built chimeras are 7" long, and I have to travel 6" or less to allow the squads inside to unleash lovely flamer-death on everyone (specifically a bunch of nobs). So I moved them on six inches then pivoted (which is free movement) them so that the tail-end came on to the board, like so:

Kev let it go, but wasn't convinced this was legal (I think the subsequent demise of his nobs may have coloured his outlook on this point, I know it would mine). What do you guys think?

Anyhow, as it stands, I have a tac squad on one objective getting minced up by some boyz, a nob squad w/ Warboss on another objective hopefully getting minced up by the MoForge, Chapter Master and a thunder-hammer termie, with some help from rending penal legion (mwahaha).

I think I need to invest in a Vindicare and start popping his painboyz - I hate the damn things. Anytime he was called upon to make two FNP saves he would pass - with a double. No word of a lie - every single time.

The deff dread has been immobilised and one of the chimera squads is speeding towards an unclaimed objective. I always end up ignoring the lootas - they're usually holed up in a ruin in his deployment zone with wide open spaces around him. I get so preoccupied with the stuff he has jumping onto my half that they really just get left out to dry - I think they've gotten two turns of shooting for this game so far. This should make for an interesting last few (or one) turns.

Oh, another query we had - and couldn't seem, for love nor money, to find a concrete rule for is firing Ordnance (not ordnance barrage) weapons. Do you need LOS? Does it scatter more when you don't have LOS?, etc... I kept flicking through and just couldn't get a solid instruction on it (the two pages the index refers to are quite vague and mostly irrelevant). In the end, I allowed him to fire the SAG without LOS but with full 2D6 scatter instead of 2D6-BS... I was probably being blind though, so don't hesitate to illuminate me... :)

As a consequence of the game having lasted a week, I have gotten a grand total of naff-all done modeling/painting-wise in that time. Hopefully, this will get back in gear once I have my collection back, but I can see it slowing down - I recently aquired a game called Valkyria Chronicles which has been quite efficiently sucking up a lot of my free time, so we'll see.

Right, now I'm off to actually catch up on what all you guys have been doing. Between waffling on and actually working, I've had to change the greeting to reflect the time of day better...