20 Jul 2009

The Big Terrain Post (TBTP)

Afternoon all,

I've been looking at ways to start making a dedicated board and some scenery to go on it recently, in preparation for my completed army. I suspect it'll look a bit better than a couple of MDF board with a bunch of unpainted COD buildings lying on top of them...

As I've been looking around, I seem to be falling more and more out of love with the COD sets - they really are a bit too busy to feasibly be believed in as normal buildings. I'm going to have to have a look in at disassembling the sets I've already constructed and using them with spacers - though that may prove too great a challenge considering the amount of plastic glue I poured over those things...

Anyway, I thought I'd gather together a few links, for both me and you lot. They lead to projects, Q&As, etc... that I've found particularly inspirational while surfing around for ideas. If you have a link yourself, or one of the links dies and I don't notice, drop me a line via the comments and I'll add it in to the post/try and restore the link as soon as possible.

Cheers chaps!

Gaming Board Construction Projects:

The Battle for Kasr Tannenberg by Light of the Emperor
icebergman's modular cityfight table
Eternal "Dam"nation by Anvils Hammer
Massive Board by kendoka
Modular Trench and COD board by Trooper PX

Painting Gaming Boards:

How does one paint a gaming board?

Stuff to put on gaming boards:

Forgeworld's Trench Tutorial
Industrial Terrain by Digit
Fallout 3-themed scenery by Deserter
Great terrain pieces produced by macineczek0 for Adepticon
Wild West terrain by macineczeko