18 Jul 2009

Done, Done, Done and PIP

So I thought I'd do a post for each completed squad, so that I could track my progress via the "Done" label on the right, but it seems I'm too lazy, so I'm just going to lump these three squads together. Two were painted at the same time anyway, and the painting points total will do just as well for tracking purposes.

I do have the majority of one more squad of Cadian hybrids done, but haven't gotten round to finishing the flamer-guy and the vox-caster's head due to my Paint or Die 2 competition entry taking up the entirety of my (meagre) hobby time.

Anywho - on to the good bit: Piccies!

Attention! Squad:

2nd Squad, 1st Platoon:

And Penal Legion:

So next on the bench are the final elements of the 2nd squad of 2nd platoon, then these guys:

Once they're done, I'll have two troops choices, so I'll be concentrating on getting the company command to a minimum standard so that I have a minimum strength force (of 60 models, sigh...)

Catch you later!