16 Jun 2009

A quick thank you.

Hello guys and (I assume) gals...

Just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who took the time to go over to Realms of Equinox and vote on the contest.

I'll be assembling and painting the command squad as quickly as I can once it arrives.

Mini-update: I'm currently trawling through the clean-up stage of both the Pig Iron and Cadian squads at the moment, before going wash-crazy with them. I've found that getting up a bit earlier and just doing one model stops it from becoming too much of a pain.
I've also succumbed and assembled the Penal Legion squad, which I will be entering in another contest over on Rites of War (I find these things to be really good motivation to get stuff done). They need some putty work done to their bases and then they're ready for priming.

I've also mapped out the main body for my chimera-equivalent grav APC and started listing out the dimensions of each piece I'm going to need - a joyful task that one (I stopped at 13). I'm still debating how to assemble the support structure for the outside facings, and will probably have to MSPaint some diagrams to show you.

Anyhow, see you later!