23 Jun 2009

Massive Update 1

Evening all, lots of lovely piccies for you tonight.

First up, we have the two squads that are nearing completion. I just have to finish up their bases and dot their eyes. The second squad is missing a guy - the one with the horrible flamer conversion. I was going through one of my bitz boxes and found a flmaer set as well as quite a few grenade launchers. So that guy needs priming and doing up.

1st Platoon, 2nd Section

2nd Platoon, 2nd Section

Next is the Penal Legion Squad. You get ten heads with the Feral pack, so I combined those with the Rebel pack I got and came up with these guys. I had to use the weapons from an already-undercoated corporal for the Custodian as my last set of weapons seems to have gone missing...

I'm going to paint all the cloth in different muted colours, then give the whole models a wash with one of the brown washes to tie the colours together. Their defining feature will be the vivid-red cloth that goes over their death masks.

And finally, we have my efforts at scratch-building the Chimera-equivalent grav tank so far. The pictures aren't that good, I'll get some done against a non-whitish background once I've made some more progress. Any gaps you may be able to spy will be filled with Squadron Green Putty diluted with acetate.

The multilaser barrel(s):

Front(ish) views: (Notice the sole remaining cushion from my previous, very retro, 3-piece suite)

Top view: There's a gap in front of the turret as I want to add some ventilation grilles in that part, so it will have to wait until I go down to Halfords and grab some aluminium mesh. I am considering getting some tread-plate molded plasticard sheet but the only english source I have found so far charges about a tenner for and A4 sheet of the stuff, so the mesh will probably be the best way to go about it.

And a picture from before I trimmed and sanded the top-back and back plates down.

Details will be added to this basic frame using .5mm plasticard. Once I have that done, I'll move on to the skirting as well as the engine blocks which go on the sides in line with the turret.

I was pleasantly surprised with just how easy it is to work with plasticard. Even if your measurements are a bit off (hopefully bigger than you intended), you can always just stick the piece down, wait for it to set then trim it with a craft knife or clippers (if the overhang is too small to snap), then sand it down. Plastic glue is essential in my opinion, as well as two types of sanding paper - a fairly rough one to get most of it off then a super fine one to smooth it completely. Don't just get the super fine one - the paper will wear out way before you finish sanding...

It's funny, though I followed the basic process that I planned (from my last post), most of it got ignored. I did the two side-plates and the base, stuck those together, then added spacers close to the top to try and make sure the side were perpendicular to the bottom and parallel to each other. After that, it was just a case of going around the frame sticking on panels. For the turret ring, I just cut a hole out of one square using a compass cutter then stuck it to another sheet os the same size which then went onto the frame. In retrospect, I'd advise someone who's just starting to scratch-build to just get a good idea of what you want something to look like and have a quick thought on how that shape could be made using sheets then get stuck in. Until you have some experience with styrene and co., making an elaborate plan is a bit of a waste of time. So start with a project that isn't necessarily important for your army - just a cool little addition and have fun sticking plastic to itself to get an idea of how it all works. Precision-measurement and all that mumbo-jumbo can come later.

I'm definately going to be investing in some more tools though - a mitre, steel square and I want to find a perfect cube of some sort, so that I can stick a right-angle together and just leave one side resting on that cube (and therefore guarantee that it will be perpendicular when I come back to it), as well as a scriber and plenty more rods of different shapes and sizes.

Catch you later!