9 Jun 2009

Preliminary "sketch" for Hover APC

I've been thinking a lot about scratch-building tanks recently, but nothing beats getting stuff down on paper - be it digital or "analog" - to really solidify your thoughts. I've been doing a few (very bad) sketches on paper, but these are generally while I'm at the Dearest's house trying to ignore Hollyoaks on the tv *sigh*. So without my reference material, a lot of the sketches had to be scrapped. The hardest part, I find, is taking a two-dimensional drawing and imagining it, in detail, in three dimensions. It's especially hard with the APC and Light Tank as I cannot seem to find a single screenshot of them (so am working on these side-views alone).

Here's something I whipped up between spurts of actual work this morning:

And here's the original image:
The green part is the main body, and should hopefully be one piece, then everything of a different colour will have to be separate (as I intend to reproduce these as many times as I need). I've tried to simplify the individual planes of the original, while maintaining the general shape.
There will be several gun attachments - hopefully, I can make them all compatible with either the APCs turret or any of the tanks' hull mounts for easy interchangeability.
It's hard to represent the sloping of the top half of the hull - I think mt next task will be to sketch that out on it's own so that I can get a concrete idea of what exact pieces I'm going to need and how it's going to be assembled. Once I have the planning done, I'll be starting work with a few sub-assemblies first, to get into the swing of things...
Any advice on this process would be most welcome, I am a first-timer, after all! ;)