17 Jun 2009

Planning: APC Support Structure

As promised, I have some wonderful MSPaint masterpieces for your perusal this morning.

A quick reminder of what I'm trying to build:

There are two concerns I have for this build: structural strength and opportunity for errors. I suppose structural strength won't matter too much as long as it survives the mold-making process - though if that fails miserably, I would probably want to scratch-build every one of them - in which case the stronger design would be better.

So here are the two plans I came up with. These are both side-views, and all sheets bar the bottom horizontal one are 53mm "deep" to account for the outer hull being 1mm thick on each side. Each join will be reinforced with a piece of square rod:

This is my initial design. The idea would be to assemble the coloured-in sheets first as the main structure then base all other parts on this frame. This design saves on plasticard compared to the second, but more importantly, I think it also reduces the risk of the final structure being wonky as there are comparatively fewer angles that have to be set.

This one goes for an initial box as the base, with all the relief based on top of that. It provides a more durable structure, but seems to make it easier to make a mistake (this is my completely uneducated opinion, by the way...). Quick note: I forgot to add in the sheet underneath the turret mounting (as I did in the first picture), just imagine it is there.

I also wacked out some plans for the turret. I really like the way they have turned out, I just need to transfer it to paper to get the appropriate measurements.

Right, well that's it, let me know what you think.