8 Jun 2009

Helghast Planning: Heavy Weapon Teams (Pt2)

Hello All!

This isn't quite the update I was aiming for: picture taking has been lax recently. Soon-ish though!

Right, on my thoughts this morning (and for a few days now) are the heavier weapons (lascannons and autocannons). Having asked Si over at Pig Iron, it would seem Kolony versions of their Chaingun and Heavy Laser teams are a long way off, so I'm going to be using the Heavy Infantry ones from their "old" range. This will be justified as being a platoon seconded to my company from the regiment's Heavy Weapons Company.

A very good thing about this is the Platoon Pack they do for Heavy Infantry:

This is the larger of the packs, there's a smaller one for £30 that comes without the 3 Assault Squads at the top of the image.

As it is, this pack gives me:

1 Command Squad for the HW platoon
2/3 of a Lascannon Squad
2/3 of a Missile Launcher Squad
2/3 of an Autocannon Squad (the chainguns)
and a full 6-man Heavy Bolter Team.

On top of that, I get five casualties (the kneeling one of which, depending on how he looks when I see him, might be up for conversion) who can be used as makeshift objective markers and nine Heavy Indantry to go towards that three Storm Trooper squads I want to build. Not bad for £45.

After that, I need onlt pay another £42 to end up with two full six-man teams of each heavy weapon (barring heavy bolters).

I think converting and painting that squad for attention has really changed my outlook - I was originally quite adamant about having every single model in a trenchcoat, but my stance has shifted, and will probably keep doing so throughout this project, i suspect.

In other news:

I bought the Commissar With Bolt Pistol off Ebay the other day, and got it in the post. He is one hell of a chunky so-and-so. He looks ridiculously out of proportion compared to the rest of my guys. I'm considering passing this off as him being gene-bulked in the manner of the Geno Five-Two from Legion, but want to look into alternatives first. Does anyone happen to have a DKOK comissar that they could compare size-wise (in a photo) to a standard guardsman at all? If you could, that would be a great help: I've tried googling it, but the closest I got was a comparison between the Kolony models and a Cadian on Warseer...

Also bought a nice alternative model for an astropath from Heresy Miniatures: The Dark Lord. Thoroughly recommended online store, the models are great, and the service excellent. Though the postage section does give a few days, every time I've ordered from them, I've received my models the next day. With the pilot model from the BFM box set (whom I will need to convert), I have all my Advisors accounted for.

I also bought a pack of the new Kolony Ferals as well as a pack of Rebels, and I'm going to combine them to become a Penal Legion Unit. I'm considering buying more Rebel heads for the Ferals, as I think their original heads are uniquely suited for making Skitarii (Ad-Mech). I'll butcher one up and stick that in the next round of photos, see what you think. ( have a few Men-At-Arms lying around).

Right, I think I'm all news-ed out. Oh wait, remember that BUM-UGLY sofa featured in a couple of my pictures (at least, Drax does, I'm pretty sure). Well that's gone now, I have a spiffy new sofa chair and poof(sp?) suite in a Dark Blue scheme - I am no longer mr Martian Wastes Camo-Pattern... Shame I had to cut a bit off the top of the chair to get it in my place though...

Now I really am out - off to look at all of your blogs. Catch you later!
Thanks for reminding me Klaus. The helmets will be the ones supplied with their open visor greened over. Crating the eye-piece should be easy enough - two balls of greenstuff pressen down in the centre with a styrene rod should do the trick!