27 May 2009

Paint-fu Stormtrooper

Through my considerable (hah!) talent with MSPaint, I give you a preview of what my Stormtroopers should look like...

I like the look of it (allowing for the innacuracies inherent in resizing the head and superimposing it upon a model whose original head might not have been at the same angle anyway...

In other news: Didn't get anything done on the section last night - was watching Saw with the Dearest. Like Fight club, it just isn't as good after the first time.

Also ordered 5 rebel kolony models and 5 of the new ferals to combine as my Penal Legion squad, so just got to wait for them to arrive and I'll have three troop choices! I would have bought the models required for my company command this month, but had to reduce my budget due to scratchbuilding supplies being purchased, as well as other overheads imposed by Real Life.

I'm also looking at aquiring a tripod for the digicam so that I don't have to take three to five photos just to get a decent one... Anybody have a preferred model for this, or will a dirt cheap one do the job just as well?