21 May 2009

Helghast Planning: Tanks (Pt1)

Right, guess we'll start planning what many a guard player would consider the "bread and butter" of the army: tanks!

I had a look at the new price list on Warseer earlier, and noticed the prices for tanks. I don't know what these are like compared to the current prices, but they're certainly above my "worth it" threshold (especially considering I find the Chimera and Russ chassis to be slightly on the ugly side). So it seems I'm going to be scratch-building/kitbashing, which is cool as it presents a challenge that will hopefully broaden my "modelling horizons", so to speak.

I though I'd give out a couple of really good links when it comes to scratchbuilding (and casting, but we'll get on to that in a bit):

http://ultrawerke.blogspot.com/: great guy, he hasn't updated his blog in a while, but if you have any questions, e-mail him, he is still around.
http://www.starshipmodeler.com/tech/techmain.htm: stumbled upon this the other day, great resource, though not quite the type of models I'm looking at for the moment.

Feel free (as in, please do) to stick your favorite links or advice on this subject in the comments... (looking at you, Klaus) :D

Anyhow, here's some pictures of vehicles I like (with what they would count as in paranthesis):

Killzone 2:

Armoured APC(BS3 Land Raider):
Armoured APC

Tank(not sure, but I would like to use the turret design):

Killzone: Liberation/Killzone 1:
Heavy Gravtank (Leman Russ chassis):


Video link:
Light Gravtank (Hellhound-type vehicles):
Light Hover Tank
Grav APC (Chimeras):
Hover APC
Jet Bike:
Jet Bike

I've decided to go with the hover variants, for two main reasons: 1. They look cool and 2. I don't have to build/allow for track links (Win).

It's very hard to find three-dimensional pictures, or footage of all these vehicles so I'll be taking the basic concepts and modifying them to my own designs. This will also help to make them easier to build.
Of course, I don't just want one of each, so shall be plunging into the adventure of casting the basic components myself using RTV moulds. Hopefully this will work out, though it is a long way off. Luckily, Chris (who appeared in one of my original posts), is taking a model-making course at University, and so has some experience with moulds and such. If worse comes to worse, I can try and get him to do the moulds on campus.
I'm also fortunate enough in that Chris has access to the campus supplies shop, so will be getting three A1-sized sheets of plasticard (styrene) for a tenner at the end of the month, which should hopefully sort me out for a while and allow me to start construction.

I knocked up a small sketch of the turret for the heavy tank the other day, while the Dearest was watching Hollyoaks. It ended up almost as big as a Chimera, so should be suitably impressive.

I'll be producing some proper schematics as soon as I get hold of some graph paper, just so I can get a definite plan down and know exactly what I'm doing at every stage of the construction process. I'm going to start with the tank, as it's the one that inspires me the most (it just looks really good), then probably move on to the APC and lastly the Light Tank. I'll also need to plan something for artillery pieces (maybe a different turret for the heavy tank). Sometime in the future, I may end up doing the AAPC (as a Land Raider), but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Ooh, I also found a very nice concept, by a guy called Dethelmm on the Playstation forums, for a stalker-type tank. Though interesting, I think I prefer the tank that Colonel Cobar pilots in Killzone Liberation, and may try my hand at that (link underneath the picture).

Stalker Fan Art by Dethelmm


Coming Soon: Planning: Special Characters, Veterans and Storm Troopers!