3 Apr 2009

Using Non-GW Products

Hello all,

I just read a post over on The Great Crusade concerning the use of non-GW models for GW games. I think it's pretty obvious what my stance is on this, but I was just wondering what everyone else in the blogosphere thinks.

A couple of people on that post said that they either used to or still are GW purists - they'll only ever use Games Workshop models for their hobby. I personally don't see the sense in this, GW can't be the be-all and end-all of miniatures, can it? Admitted, their sculpts, especially in recent times, do put a lot of the other companies to shame; but I've seen plenty of lovely figures created by non-GW companies that I'm dying to get my hands on, whether they have a use in-game or not.

I suppose the questions are, if you're a "purist", why just GW? And if you're not, is there an "appropriate level" of non-GW sculpts that should be brought to a game of Warhammer or 40k?

I'd be interested on your thoughts and opinions.