13 Apr 2009

Pict Captures: Assault on Pos13

These picts were recovered on the planet Devros III, official designation 34-65, during the 7th decade of the Great Crusade. They were originally taken by the vis-feed of a Devran sergeant during a Helghan night assault on that detachment's fortified city ruin.

Helghan soldiers are famous for their utter ruthlessness and cold disdain for weak opponents, which, considering most of the Devran Defence Force was mostly composed of peasant levy, included the vast majority of their foes in this theatre.

The greatcoats and characteristic white stripes down the sides and on the cuffs indicate that this squad is from the 8th Battalion, "Umbra". The lack of a clear image of their squad and platoon markings precludes any exact determination of which squad is being depicted, especially as several squads would have taken part in this assault.

These Helghan wear the standard gear for their forces during the Great Crusade. They are completely sealed from the environment by heavy duty synth-fibers and their standard issue H-315 gas helmet. This design includes redundancy systems in case the main filtration unit is breached, night-vision optical set as well as a vid-feed on the side of the helmet, allowing his Sergeant, Lieutenant or Captain to receive tactical updates and follow his movements on the field. These feeds are relayed through the squads' comms set.

The planet fell three weeks later when a strike force from the Iron Hands Legion annihilated the resistance headquarters thanks to intel gathered from captured prisoners.