12 Apr 2009

More painting progress

Evening Peeps,

I've theoretically finished the squad, but am not sure. What do you think of the glowing effect? At first I tried white with red wash over it but, of course, it went pink... So I went over it and used scab red then blood red. Is the effect any good, or should I just go over in black and do them like the rest of the armour?

Oh, and I'm also going to change the cuffs to a single white line going through the middle. I think the full white cuffs are a bit much...

The last picture is further to the hint in the last post. Don't worry though, his arm isn't stuck in that position... I have the remains of two assault and one normal terminator sets, as well as a squad of the old-style plastic termies, which I'm going to turn into a detachment of Morlocks with magnetised arms. Hopefully, I'll be able to sculpt the straps on the terminators' arms and, thanks to the set nature of pre-heresy shoulderpads, be able to chop and change the arms as and when needed using magnets.