27 Apr 2009

Helghast Planning: Heavy Soldiers

Heavy Soldiers stride through the battlefield, practically immune to all small arms fire. In the game, these guys are hulking monstrosities seemingly immune to anything you can throw at them (until you learn how to kill them). The first time you go up against one, it's certainly a bit rattling. They can even take a couple of missiles in the face and still mow you down with their nasty HMGs.

These guys are rather large:

However, I'm not too keen on the helmet design (at least, how it came out in-game):

I prefer the look of this guy, who is an advanced version of the Heavy called an Arc Trooper, due to his lightning based calm-down cannon:

To this end I'll be using the following models, as suggested by Cohinor in the comments to an earlier post (thanks for that, by the way):

It is going to take quite a bit of sculpting-fu, but I think it will be worth it in the end. In terms of counts-as, with the lightning arcs, these guys will be used as armoured sentinels with plasma cannons. They may be a bit small, but I think they will do quite nicely.

Before I was pointed to those models, I was eyeing up the APEs from the Incursion game:

Though they are quite expensive - a six-man team costs about 40 squids - I will also collect a squad of these guys to use as "little brothers" to the arc troopers, counts-as Ogryns in normal games and Terminators in Apocalypse games.

Small progress update: After a few delays (real life got in the way), I finally have the two Heavy Bolter teams, two sergeants and the flamer-boy primed and ready to go. Waiting on my copy of the IG Codex so that I can photograph my cadian head-swaps on it and get cracking for the comp.

Also ordered another 22 models. With this and next month's order, that will be one troop choice ALMOST complete...

Also expect a post soon concerning the poll.