17 Apr 2009

Helghast Planning: Attack Dogs

And another round of planning. Here we have an attack dog concept for the PSP version of Killzone. I'm not exactly sure what I would be counting these guys as - Rough Riders, maybe? The twelve inch charge is what makes it seem appropriate.
The main spanner in the works for these, is finding a dog model of the right type - short-furred and lean-looking, a boxer dog, basically. I'm very tempted to grow these guys completely out of proportion and use the Heresy Miniatures Hellhound minatures, shaving off all the spikes (they're going to be covered in greestuff anyway). If I include handlers as well, I may be able to pass these off as Ogryns too - have the handlers carrying grenade launchers.


I would like to find some decently-sized hounds instead though. If anyone has any good links, I'd be extremely grateful.