29 Apr 2009

And the results are in!

Well they were in most of a week ago, but I hadn't gotten round to them until now...
So we have, in order of popularity:

AEWWII Krieghunds 9 (52%)

Cadfael 4 (23%)

Reaper War Dog 2 (11%)

Heresy Hellhounds 1 (5%)

AEWWII K9s 1 (5%)

Turnout for the poll was 17 (though there were probably a few who were unable to use it due to blogger being the essence of FAIL when I posted it), which I don't consider bad for a first poll, thanks everyone!

It seems a lot of people love the Krieghunds, which I can understand completely. I'm not sure whether it's the models themselves, or just the amazing paintjob, but they look absolutely gorgeous. I'm definately going to use them, but not, I think, for rough riders. I think the variety of poses, even though there would be only five or so models in the unit, is a bit lacking. So I'm thinking that I'll paint a pair of these guys up as-is and they can either be mascots, cadfael-style, or count as the officer-in-question's bodyguards. I may also do the War Dog for another officer, though we shall have to see...

I'm leaning more and more towards the Heresy Hellhounds for Rough Riders - to the point where my mind is pretty much made up. The only question that remains is "how to do them".

Should they have handlers, or should they be controlled by a box modelled onto the back of their head armour? If they do have handlers, should I have them leashed/control boxed, or should the handlers be riding them?

73rd: You said you had one of these guys, are they big enough to be used as ridden beasts, do you think?
I'm personally not sure they would be, and won't be definate until I see them in person.
Progress Update:
Received my second package from Pig Iron today (hooray!). Also have done some highlighting on the HB Teams, but I'll probably leave off those now until I have the lot of them assembled so I can batch paint the hell out of them.
Also now have enough heads to (for the most part) convert my 30 Cadians into Higs, so, once this latest order is assembled, This will be the grand total:
1 Command Squad w/officer, standard, medic and two plasma gunners
1 Officer converted from cadian tank crew (I've added half the skirt of a greatcoat on at the moment - shall have to get you guys a photo soon).
2 10-man squads of "Umbra" Helghans.
3 10-man Squads of "Vektan" Helghans (Cadians).
2 HW Heavy Bolter teams
2 HW Missile Teams
Oh, and one chimera - which I'm currently just using to try and find a scheme for the tanks - I've never properly painted a large vehicle...
Anyways, that's a good 40 minuted of work-time wasted, thank you all for helping me achieve that!
See you anon.