18 Apr 2009

Additional: Attack Dogs

Well I got a lot of very good suggestions on what models to use - thank you very much guys! So, now you can help me choose! I've stuck a poll in the right-hand column, you can select multiple answers (if you're indecisive, like me...).

So, here are your options:

1. Cadfael

2. Hellhounds by Heresy Miniatures:

3. War Dog by Reaper Miniatures:

4. German Krieghunds by Darkson Designs:

5. American K9s by Darkson Designs:

So fire away guys, let's hear your opinions and any reasons why in the comments! (I'm personally routing for Cadfael! :D)

EDIT: I've tried to change the War Dog entry from Rackham to Reaper but Blogger doesn't seem to like me...