29 Apr 2009

And the results are in!

Well they were in most of a week ago, but I hadn't gotten round to them until now...
So we have, in order of popularity:

AEWWII Krieghunds 9 (52%)

Cadfael 4 (23%)

Reaper War Dog 2 (11%)

Heresy Hellhounds 1 (5%)

AEWWII K9s 1 (5%)

Turnout for the poll was 17 (though there were probably a few who were unable to use it due to blogger being the essence of FAIL when I posted it), which I don't consider bad for a first poll, thanks everyone!

It seems a lot of people love the Krieghunds, which I can understand completely. I'm not sure whether it's the models themselves, or just the amazing paintjob, but they look absolutely gorgeous. I'm definately going to use them, but not, I think, for rough riders. I think the variety of poses, even though there would be only five or so models in the unit, is a bit lacking. So I'm thinking that I'll paint a pair of these guys up as-is and they can either be mascots, cadfael-style, or count as the officer-in-question's bodyguards. I may also do the War Dog for another officer, though we shall have to see...

I'm leaning more and more towards the Heresy Hellhounds for Rough Riders - to the point where my mind is pretty much made up. The only question that remains is "how to do them".

Should they have handlers, or should they be controlled by a box modelled onto the back of their head armour? If they do have handlers, should I have them leashed/control boxed, or should the handlers be riding them?

73rd: You said you had one of these guys, are they big enough to be used as ridden beasts, do you think?
I'm personally not sure they would be, and won't be definate until I see them in person.
Progress Update:
Received my second package from Pig Iron today (hooray!). Also have done some highlighting on the HB Teams, but I'll probably leave off those now until I have the lot of them assembled so I can batch paint the hell out of them.
Also now have enough heads to (for the most part) convert my 30 Cadians into Higs, so, once this latest order is assembled, This will be the grand total:
1 Command Squad w/officer, standard, medic and two plasma gunners
1 Officer converted from cadian tank crew (I've added half the skirt of a greatcoat on at the moment - shall have to get you guys a photo soon).
2 10-man squads of "Umbra" Helghans.
3 10-man Squads of "Vektan" Helghans (Cadians).
2 HW Heavy Bolter teams
2 HW Missile Teams
Oh, and one chimera - which I'm currently just using to try and find a scheme for the tanks - I've never properly painted a large vehicle...
Anyways, that's a good 40 minuted of work-time wasted, thank you all for helping me achieve that!
See you anon.

27 Apr 2009

Helghast Planning: Heavy Soldiers

Heavy Soldiers stride through the battlefield, practically immune to all small arms fire. In the game, these guys are hulking monstrosities seemingly immune to anything you can throw at them (until you learn how to kill them). The first time you go up against one, it's certainly a bit rattling. They can even take a couple of missiles in the face and still mow you down with their nasty HMGs.

These guys are rather large:

However, I'm not too keen on the helmet design (at least, how it came out in-game):

I prefer the look of this guy, who is an advanced version of the Heavy called an Arc Trooper, due to his lightning based calm-down cannon:

To this end I'll be using the following models, as suggested by Cohinor in the comments to an earlier post (thanks for that, by the way):

It is going to take quite a bit of sculpting-fu, but I think it will be worth it in the end. In terms of counts-as, with the lightning arcs, these guys will be used as armoured sentinels with plasma cannons. They may be a bit small, but I think they will do quite nicely.

Before I was pointed to those models, I was eyeing up the APEs from the Incursion game:

Though they are quite expensive - a six-man team costs about 40 squids - I will also collect a squad of these guys to use as "little brothers" to the arc troopers, counts-as Ogryns in normal games and Terminators in Apocalypse games.

Small progress update: After a few delays (real life got in the way), I finally have the two Heavy Bolter teams, two sergeants and the flamer-boy primed and ready to go. Waiting on my copy of the IG Codex so that I can photograph my cadian head-swaps on it and get cracking for the comp.

Also ordered another 22 models. With this and next month's order, that will be one troop choice ALMOST complete...

Also expect a post soon concerning the poll.

19 Apr 2009

WIP: Heavy Bolter Teams + Converted Cadians

Hello again guys. So... Heavy weapon teams. I have to admit, I did try the diagram I drew on my previous Planning post. It ended up rather fail - then again, my compass wasn't designed to take a hobby knife... I got the two circles of plasticard out ok, but then had to cut out the base for the models as well. In the end, it ended up looking a bit messy and had taken me four hours... not an efficient use of time. So, I plumped for 40mm bases (because I have tons of them) and I think they turned out quite well. In the end, I'm only likely to play friendly games anyway. If someone has a problem with that, I can just plump the whole model on a 60mm circle for measuring purposes.

So here they are:

I apologise for the bad picture quality - my camera cut out half-way through the shoot. That means you don't get to see the other sergeant and flamer guy to the right of that picture or the way the rifle-armed models on the hw teams are magnetised so can be removed for wound-counting.

I also have these guys:

They're being prepared for the ATTENTION! Contest started by Equinox over on his blog.

The rules demand mostly GW models (though conversion is ok), and that the squad be a legal choice in the new codex. I'm pretty sure these guys should be ok: 10 men, sergeant, grenade launcher and vox. They're missing three heads, but they will be attached when my next pig iron order comes through.

As I have a grand total of 30-odd cadians, I'm thinking I'll buy some spare heads and get neck twisting. They will be a platoon attached to my main army from a different Helghan battalion to explain the difference in uniform.

Cheers guys!

18 Apr 2009

Additional: Attack Dogs

Well I got a lot of very good suggestions on what models to use - thank you very much guys! So, now you can help me choose! I've stuck a poll in the right-hand column, you can select multiple answers (if you're indecisive, like me...).

So, here are your options:

1. Cadfael

2. Hellhounds by Heresy Miniatures:

3. War Dog by Reaper Miniatures:

4. German Krieghunds by Darkson Designs:

5. American K9s by Darkson Designs:

So fire away guys, let's hear your opinions and any reasons why in the comments! (I'm personally routing for Cadfael! :D)

EDIT: I've tried to change the War Dog entry from Rackham to Reaper but Blogger doesn't seem to like me...

17 Apr 2009

Helghast Planning: Attack Dogs

And another round of planning. Here we have an attack dog concept for the PSP version of Killzone. I'm not exactly sure what I would be counting these guys as - Rough Riders, maybe? The twelve inch charge is what makes it seem appropriate.
The main spanner in the works for these, is finding a dog model of the right type - short-furred and lean-looking, a boxer dog, basically. I'm very tempted to grow these guys completely out of proportion and use the Heresy Miniatures Hellhound minatures, shaving off all the spikes (they're going to be covered in greestuff anyway). If I include handlers as well, I may be able to pass these off as Ogryns too - have the handlers carrying grenade launchers.


I would like to find some decently-sized hounds instead though. If anyone has any good links, I'd be extremely grateful.

15 Apr 2009

Helghast Planning: Heavy Weapon Teams

More planning today, mateys(sorry, watched POTC 1&2 last night...). This time, on the subject of heavy weapon teams. Someone recently directed me to a terminator-style model (with a german helmet) and suggested that I use them as "counts-as" heavy weapon teams. I'm personally not too keen on the idea. For one, as will be seen in a future planning post, I have plans for the Helghan "Heavies" already, and secondly, it's to do with the base size.

Current ruling, as far as I know, is that you must use a base that is either the same size or bigger than the one supplied for the model in the box. For heavy weapon teams, this is (I believe, please correct me if I'm wrong) a 60mm base which, when you get down to it, is pretty damn big. I know I'll be having trouble fitting these things in, for example, ruins or cover with such a massive base. So I came up with that amazingly technical drawing there.

The idea is that I can use the standard 60mm base for any game that isn't with one of my regular opponents then, when playing "the usual suspects", I can just remove the outer section (the dark one) and end up with an effectively cavalry-sized base. The main problem is going to be keeping the thing secure, but, thinking about it, once the team is set up, it's not likely to move for the whole game, so it won't be much of a problem.

So what say you? Yay or Nay?


Just to clarify the model's I'll be using, for King's benefit:

Missile teams
Pig Iron Missiles

The left-hand models will be heavy bolter wielders
Pig Iron Specials 1

Eventually, heavy lasers should be coming out for the Kolony range, but here's a preview from their previous range. If it takes too long, I can just convert them anyway.

13 Apr 2009

Pict Captures: Assault on Pos13

These picts were recovered on the planet Devros III, official designation 34-65, during the 7th decade of the Great Crusade. They were originally taken by the vis-feed of a Devran sergeant during a Helghan night assault on that detachment's fortified city ruin.

Helghan soldiers are famous for their utter ruthlessness and cold disdain for weak opponents, which, considering most of the Devran Defence Force was mostly composed of peasant levy, included the vast majority of their foes in this theatre.

The greatcoats and characteristic white stripes down the sides and on the cuffs indicate that this squad is from the 8th Battalion, "Umbra". The lack of a clear image of their squad and platoon markings precludes any exact determination of which squad is being depicted, especially as several squads would have taken part in this assault.

These Helghan wear the standard gear for their forces during the Great Crusade. They are completely sealed from the environment by heavy duty synth-fibers and their standard issue H-315 gas helmet. This design includes redundancy systems in case the main filtration unit is breached, night-vision optical set as well as a vid-feed on the side of the helmet, allowing his Sergeant, Lieutenant or Captain to receive tactical updates and follow his movements on the field. These feeds are relayed through the squads' comms set.

The planet fell three weeks later when a strike force from the Iron Hands Legion annihilated the resistance headquarters thanks to intel gathered from captured prisoners.

12 Apr 2009

More painting progress

Evening Peeps,

I've theoretically finished the squad, but am not sure. What do you think of the glowing effect? At first I tried white with red wash over it but, of course, it went pink... So I went over it and used scab red then blood red. Is the effect any good, or should I just go over in black and do them like the rest of the armour?

Oh, and I'm also going to change the cuffs to a single white line going through the middle. I think the full white cuffs are a bit much...

The last picture is further to the hint in the last post. Don't worry though, his arm isn't stuck in that position... I have the remains of two assault and one normal terminator sets, as well as a squad of the old-style plastic termies, which I'm going to turn into a detachment of Morlocks with magnetised arms. Hopefully, I'll be able to sculpt the straps on the terminators' arms and, thanks to the set nature of pre-heresy shoulderpads, be able to chop and change the arms as and when needed using magnets.


8 Apr 2009

Helghan progress (better pics)

Quick one: I'm late for dinner...

Sergeant and squad:
And a hint of things to come...

Progress Update and another scale shot.

Just a quick one guys, to let you know I'm not slacking...

Ignore his eyes, that's just the basecoat. The whole ten man squad is at the same stage. Just need to wash the highlights a bit, finish the base, start on the glow and get the metallics done, then we have the first painted squad.

Having realised that it's not going to take me a whole month to paint a squad, I've started another project to tide me over until the next payday (I'll also be buying more each month to keep my hands mostly full...) Details forthcoming...

Oh, and pardon the crappy pictures, they were taken this morning ten minutes before my bus left, so I just grabbed one with and one without flash. Pick which one you prefer and just look at that one. I'll actually set up a photo booth when the squad is finished.

3 Apr 2009

Using Non-GW Products

Hello all,

I just read a post over on The Great Crusade concerning the use of non-GW models for GW games. I think it's pretty obvious what my stance is on this, but I was just wondering what everyone else in the blogosphere thinks.

A couple of people on that post said that they either used to or still are GW purists - they'll only ever use Games Workshop models for their hobby. I personally don't see the sense in this, GW can't be the be-all and end-all of miniatures, can it? Admitted, their sculpts, especially in recent times, do put a lot of the other companies to shame; but I've seen plenty of lovely figures created by non-GW companies that I'm dying to get my hands on, whether they have a use in-game or not.

I suppose the questions are, if you're a "purist", why just GW? And if you're not, is there an "appropriate level" of non-GW sculpts that should be brought to a game of Warhammer or 40k?

I'd be interested on your thoughts and opinions.

2 Apr 2009

Basic Tip: Always Thin Your Paints

Hello all. Quick tip for beginners here. This is my opinion though, so feel free to ignore it... :D

As the title says, always thin your paints before applying them to the model. Two or three thin coats are infinitely better than a single globulous one... (New word for you there).

I like to add two parts water to one part paint, but that's just personal preference. Always best to be safe though. If the mixture is too dilute, you can always leave it a few minutes and test it again until you're happy with the consistency. You're looking to avoid obscuring any of the detail on the model and the paint should flow nicely onto it.

You can practice on a sprue (or a metal model which you can then strip afterwards anyway) to get a feel for it.

This applies ESPECIALLY to white, which is, truth be told, a horrible shade to paint. The best way that I have found is to, starting from a Chaos Black undercoat, apply layers of grey, gradually getting lighter. So start with Codex Grey, then Fortress Grey,
than a mix of Fortress Grey+Skull White then finally Skull White itself. Always make sure you have a uniform coat of the underlying shade before you add the next layer. This will help the white be solid afterwards. If it is splotchy, then just wait for it to dry and add another layer of the same colour until you have the smooth finish.

As long as you keep your layers watered down, the lovely detail on your model will remain intact, and you'll have a nice solid colour to bring that detail out.

I used Shadow Grey on the sergeant in this picture, but it's the same principle (he was (and still is, to my eternal shame) PIP at the time):

1 Apr 2009

The Helghast are here... at least, some of them.

Ok, a bit later than I intended, but finally, we have some actual models!:

Sergeant. Added a single pro-create shoulderpad.
Vox-boy. Had to cut the vox unit in half to get it on him.
Flamer guy with added green-stuff shawl - my first try at sculpting cloth.
And the rest of the squad.
The squad's transport. I still have a few winged skulls to remove, as this is a pre-heresy force, but I got a bit impatient...
After a few unsuccessful attempts to take an unblurry picture of the turret, I had to lay it next to the chassis. I'll probably leave it unattached so I can get hold of some extra weapon options for it (if I remember correctly, the scatter laser is a bit meh, weapon-wise...).

Concerning colour scheme, the trenchcoats will be black with very muted highlights (black with a drop of codex grey), the weapons will remain black but with a sharper highlight, as will the body armour. The fatigues pose a problem though. I've been looking at camouflage schemes online and really like the MARPAT urban digital camo:
But I have no idea as to how to go about painting it... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I want to do the same scheme for the tank as well, but that should be easier as it is larger...