28 Mar 2009

Product Review: Pig Iron Productions

Afternoon all,

I went and picked up my Pig Iron miniatures from the sorting office today, and I'm very happy with them. I sent my enquiry about a week before I got paid and received my invoice the same morning from Lisa. I even changed my order the day before pay-day and it was done in twenty minutes.

Paid on the 26th and received a post office note in the door on the 27th saying I needed to sign for them - so next day delivery with proof of receipt, great!

I was expecting a box, but then these are hardy metal models, not flimsy resin. They came in a jiffy bag, all sorted by pack like so:


Everything was intact (the bags look messy in this pic, but that's just light reflecting from them). In terms of service, I can thoroughly recommend Pig Iron, they are great and I'm definitely happy with my decision to use their models.

Here is the contents layed out (pardon the shoddy picture):


At the top are the NCOs, middle two rows are the standard troopers with both HQ head sprues next to them, then at the bottom are the special weapon troopers. It's interesting to note that there are ten different variants of body for the standard troopers, which came as a bit of a surprise, being used to GWs old "units in threes" approach to Warhammer models. Mould lines are as standard, none of them look hard to remove.

And here's a scale shot for a standard trooper:

That's Chris in the background... :D

They are a tad smaller than standard guardsmen, but I see that as a plus - they make the space marines look nice and big, as they should (note that he is standing on a metal tab that adds to his height).

I'm not sure how to do the basing - I am intending to rebase all my Iron Hands anyway, so I could just stick the Kolony guys straight on and blend the tab into the base with green stuff, or I could try and remove all the tabs before sticking them to bases - though that method would probably make them more fragile. Any opinions?

So there you have it, Pig Iron are great, there prices are reasonable and the customer service is excellent. Check them out at their website. Meanwhile, I've washed the models and am off to put these boys together. See you soon!