20 Mar 2009

Helghast Planning: The Grunts

I've liked the Helghast since the first Killzone came out, but the recent release of Killzone 2 has elevated their design to lofty heights of AWESOME and WIN (as Vredesbyrd would put it). There's just something about the glowing red eyes...

This, combined with the desire to start an army from scratch and the pending release of the Guard Codex, just turned the question of what 40k modelling project I should do into a no-brainer.

So I went off into the webs and flexed my google muscles to dig up some cool concept sketches.

So here's the plan for the basic infantry squads.

The basic troopers are going to be from Pig Iron's Kolony range, mainly because they have more modern gas masks, seem more "german" and won't break the bank as much as Forgeworld Death Korps.

Hig Commando 2Hig CommandoPig Iron Troopers

I'll be keeping the cloth-over-the-mask idea for special weapons troopers as well as trying to add some padding for them, something along these lines:

Hig PyroPig Iron Specials 1Pig Iron Specials 2

This will make the stand out nicely and also make the "special weapons" squads mentioned in the recent BOLS rumour post seem suitably distinctive (Ignore the sniper rifles, they'll be covered in a different post).

Finally, the sergeant will come from the NCO pack, of the same range:
Pig Iron NCOs

But I'm in two minds as regards the head.
Hig Tactician
Should I keep the standard covered helmet or try and come up with something looking more like a field cap? I've seen some very nice gas-masked german field cap heads on West Winds Productions site:
Field Caps

With a couple of greenstuffed eye lenses, these could look really nice, I'm just teetering on the fence concerning them though... Any opinions?

That about rounds it up for the basic squads. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, be it about the subject material or blogging in general (are there too many pictures?).

Next time: Scouts/Snipers


  1. First up I've got to say I do like your layout for your blog, though the thumbnail style may not be the best for showing models of your own but works for things like this.

    Using the West Wind heads would add some nice variety to your squads and would make it alot easier to identify who is what in the squads.

    Now you just need to get some models, eh?

  2. Concerning the photos, that was the plan. Model shots will be full-sized as I realise trying to load photobucket everytime can get irritating...

    I am leaning towards the caps, I guess I'll have to order a set of them at the end of the week too. Planning for snipers coming up.