31 Mar 2009

Helghast Planning: I've found my snipers!

Afternoon all,

Progress Report: Finished assembling, sculpting and basing for the squad last night, went to take a photo, and the batteries on my camera died... Typical. So shall take photos this evening.

On to the subject of the post. I was shirking off a few minutes of work this morning hunting for urban digital camo schemes on google when I came across a tutorial with THE perfect model for this. That tutorial led me to the Urban Mammoth site (one I'd visited a fair few months back to look at the Legionnaire models) and this box set:

How perfect are they? The kneeling one doesn't really need work doing to him, the top middle and bottom right just need head swaps and the top right needs a green-stuffed hood. Enough snipers for two special weapon teams in one go for under 20 squids...

Also found these little gems:

They will be becoming squad sergeants and/or aides - I'll figure it out once I get my mitts on them.