27 Mar 2009

Helghast Planning: Command Squads

Being the right time of the month, the components for my first squad are being shipped as we speak. It cost me 35 squids, but this also gives me the basis for three full squads once I buy extra booster packs, so it averages out at £21/Squad with most of the bits and bobs for a fourth squad as well (would just need an extra sergeant body). Pretty good, in my opinion.

Anyways, Command Squads.
Pig Iron HQ

I'm not sure what to do with the robot in this pack, though I'm thinking of maybe using him as an ammo carrier for a heavy bolter team. A solution for a medic will also be needed.

The guy with the control panel will end up as the vox-caster.

The officer for the first platoon is self-explanatory - I love that crossed arms pose, and there's a gap in his equipment pouches at the back so I can stick on whatever weapon he ends up with in the list. Most junior officers will be basically the same, but with different bodies, while the senior officers will be based on these guys:Photobucket
General Mael
My heroic senior officer will be based on Radec:
Colonel Radec

The post on BOLS mentioned bodyguards for officers, which played right into my plans for these guys:

Hig Bodyguard
They were originally used as croud control in the games, but I think they'll be rather effective as bodyguards. I'll be using the left-hand head from the set above, then green-stuffing the collar and armour pads onto an NCO body. The main challenge will be the shields. I want to make them clear, so will probably have to construct a frame for them and then insert individual panels of blister pack after painting has been completed.

That's about it for these guys. Apologies for the long-windedness and lack of self-made content. I mainly started this blog as a way of organising my thoughts, laying them out plain and simple, and keeping them in one place, which has worked well so far.

I'll be adding a review for Pig Iron's services once I receive my package, and be assembling the models as soon as possible, so don't worry, pictures are coming! :D