31 Mar 2009

Helghast Planning: I've found my snipers!

Afternoon all,

Progress Report: Finished assembling, sculpting and basing for the squad last night, went to take a photo, and the batteries on my camera died... Typical. So shall take photos this evening.

On to the subject of the post. I was shirking off a few minutes of work this morning hunting for urban digital camo schemes on google when I came across a tutorial with THE perfect model for this. That tutorial led me to the Urban Mammoth site (one I'd visited a fair few months back to look at the Legionnaire models) and this box set:

How perfect are they? The kneeling one doesn't really need work doing to him, the top middle and bottom right just need head swaps and the top right needs a green-stuffed hood. Enough snipers for two special weapon teams in one go for under 20 squids...

Also found these little gems:

They will be becoming squad sergeants and/or aides - I'll figure it out once I get my mitts on them.

28 Mar 2009

Product Review: Pig Iron Productions

Afternoon all,

I went and picked up my Pig Iron miniatures from the sorting office today, and I'm very happy with them. I sent my enquiry about a week before I got paid and received my invoice the same morning from Lisa. I even changed my order the day before pay-day and it was done in twenty minutes.

Paid on the 26th and received a post office note in the door on the 27th saying I needed to sign for them - so next day delivery with proof of receipt, great!

I was expecting a box, but then these are hardy metal models, not flimsy resin. They came in a jiffy bag, all sorted by pack like so:


Everything was intact (the bags look messy in this pic, but that's just light reflecting from them). In terms of service, I can thoroughly recommend Pig Iron, they are great and I'm definitely happy with my decision to use their models.

Here is the contents layed out (pardon the shoddy picture):


At the top are the NCOs, middle two rows are the standard troopers with both HQ head sprues next to them, then at the bottom are the special weapon troopers. It's interesting to note that there are ten different variants of body for the standard troopers, which came as a bit of a surprise, being used to GWs old "units in threes" approach to Warhammer models. Mould lines are as standard, none of them look hard to remove.

And here's a scale shot for a standard trooper:

That's Chris in the background... :D

They are a tad smaller than standard guardsmen, but I see that as a plus - they make the space marines look nice and big, as they should (note that he is standing on a metal tab that adds to his height).

I'm not sure how to do the basing - I am intending to rebase all my Iron Hands anyway, so I could just stick the Kolony guys straight on and blend the tab into the base with green stuff, or I could try and remove all the tabs before sticking them to bases - though that method would probably make them more fragile. Any opinions?

So there you have it, Pig Iron are great, there prices are reasonable and the customer service is excellent. Check them out at their website. Meanwhile, I've washed the models and am off to put these boys together. See you soon!

27 Mar 2009

Helghast Planning: Command Squads

Being the right time of the month, the components for my first squad are being shipped as we speak. It cost me 35 squids, but this also gives me the basis for three full squads once I buy extra booster packs, so it averages out at £21/Squad with most of the bits and bobs for a fourth squad as well (would just need an extra sergeant body). Pretty good, in my opinion.

Anyways, Command Squads.
Pig Iron HQ

I'm not sure what to do with the robot in this pack, though I'm thinking of maybe using him as an ammo carrier for a heavy bolter team. A solution for a medic will also be needed.

The guy with the control panel will end up as the vox-caster.

The officer for the first platoon is self-explanatory - I love that crossed arms pose, and there's a gap in his equipment pouches at the back so I can stick on whatever weapon he ends up with in the list. Most junior officers will be basically the same, but with different bodies, while the senior officers will be based on these guys:Photobucket
General Mael
My heroic senior officer will be based on Radec:
Colonel Radec

The post on BOLS mentioned bodyguards for officers, which played right into my plans for these guys:

Hig Bodyguard
They were originally used as croud control in the games, but I think they'll be rather effective as bodyguards. I'll be using the left-hand head from the set above, then green-stuffing the collar and armour pads onto an NCO body. The main challenge will be the shields. I want to make them clear, so will probably have to construct a frame for them and then insert individual panels of blister pack after painting has been completed.

That's about it for these guys. Apologies for the long-windedness and lack of self-made content. I mainly started this blog as a way of organising my thoughts, laying them out plain and simple, and keeping them in one place, which has worked well so far.

I'll be adding a review for Pig Iron's services once I receive my package, and be assembling the models as soon as possible, so don't worry, pictures are coming! :D

25 Mar 2009

Helghast Planning: Snipers (and more on grunts).


Right, well I've had a few days to simmer on it, and I'm thinking of using the middle heads in this picture for the sergeants instead:

Looking at the accompanying model on the right, they have about the right shape (I can always file them down a bit) and the gas mask will match the grunts' ones. On top of that, I get four of the right-hand heads per pack, which will be going on vox operators.

Anyway, what's cooler than two glowing red eyes? Three, of course!

Hig Scouts

These are some of the coolest guys in the KZ2 game, and I'm wanting to do them justice. The obvious route, I suppose, would have been to use Space Marine Scouts (for the cloaks) and Dark Angel robed heads. They would end up too chunky, especially as the pig iron models are slightly smaller than standard guard. So I've had a look around the internet and seen a few possibilities for conversion, though heads will have to roll, and sculpting-fu will have to be developped for the poncho and faceplate...

None of them are ideal solutions, though I think the first one is the best match so far... Shall have to mull over it for a bit...

20 Mar 2009

Helghast Planning: The Grunts

I've liked the Helghast since the first Killzone came out, but the recent release of Killzone 2 has elevated their design to lofty heights of AWESOME and WIN (as Vredesbyrd would put it). There's just something about the glowing red eyes...

This, combined with the desire to start an army from scratch and the pending release of the Guard Codex, just turned the question of what 40k modelling project I should do into a no-brainer.

So I went off into the webs and flexed my google muscles to dig up some cool concept sketches.

So here's the plan for the basic infantry squads.

The basic troopers are going to be from Pig Iron's Kolony range, mainly because they have more modern gas masks, seem more "german" and won't break the bank as much as Forgeworld Death Korps.

Hig Commando 2Hig CommandoPig Iron Troopers

I'll be keeping the cloth-over-the-mask idea for special weapons troopers as well as trying to add some padding for them, something along these lines:

Hig PyroPig Iron Specials 1Pig Iron Specials 2

This will make the stand out nicely and also make the "special weapons" squads mentioned in the recent BOLS rumour post seem suitably distinctive (Ignore the sniper rifles, they'll be covered in a different post).

Finally, the sergeant will come from the NCO pack, of the same range:
Pig Iron NCOs

But I'm in two minds as regards the head.
Hig Tactician
Should I keep the standard covered helmet or try and come up with something looking more like a field cap? I've seen some very nice gas-masked german field cap heads on West Winds Productions site:
Field Caps

With a couple of greenstuffed eye lenses, these could look really nice, I'm just teetering on the fence concerning them though... Any opinions?

That about rounds it up for the basic squads. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, be it about the subject material or blogging in general (are there too many pictures?).

Next time: Scouts/Snipers

19 Mar 2009

And so, it begins...

Hello all,

So I decided to finally take the plunge and join the "blogosphere", as they call it. Why, you ask? The clue is in the title - I am not yet done... with anything. I joined the hobby quite late - about 5-6 years ago, and every single army I've started (there have been a few), has ground to a halt at some point during it's production - be it modelling or painting, due to either lack of motivation, or the next new shiny thing that Games Workshop has stuck in front of my face... (yes, my name is Dave and I am a plastic-crack addict)

So, after having practically left the hobby for a few months to have a holiday in Console Land, I'm back and ready to go, but I'm going to need some help in keeping the effort up. I tried using my friend Chris as a "hobby buddy", where we would meet at least one night a week. Sadly, this did not work... too many "real life" issues to get in the way, so now I've turned to the ever-present interwebs for discipline.

That's right, if you've managed to read this far, you've been recruited as one of my Commissars. Bet you're excited...

So, the plan:

- Reconstructing and fleshing out my Dark Elves to a respectable painted force.

- Building an Imperial Guard army based on the Helghast.

I'll be posting a couple of rambles in the next week or so, with my ambitions, inspirations, etc... for each army, so if you feel lke it, stay tuned.

Now I'm going to go back to doing the work I'm being paid for... :D